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People forget how much context influences community participation. Put someone in a room full of people talking a certain way and they’ll inevitably adopt that way of talking.

That’s why the epic aggression and negativity on Twitter is so poisonous. In the end, it doesn’t matter what the tools do or how they look. What matters is the community content and tone. What matters is what’s considered normal.

ClassicPress is a new fork of WordPress, which got me thinking about forks in general. (Title shamelessly stol... erm, "forked" from @anildash. 😉)

I write a bit about my initial impressions of trying out Mastodon:

@zedejose The support has been super responsive so far, no complaints from me. 🙂

@zedejose I paid for a personal plan on I looked into hosting it myself, but even a super cheap cloud host would be about the same price, and then I'd have to administer the server myself.

Why yes, I definitely did setup a personal Mastadon instance, so I could have this username.

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